People gather to peacefully protest.

Bikers drown them out with revving engines.

Cops on location cite freedom of expression/speech and do nothing.

What say you?

International Women's Day Marked With Rallies And Protests Across The Country
Getty Images - Drew Angerer

The whole idea of the protest in front of the Walla Walla Courthouse February 24th was to call out Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, Walla Walla's member in the House of Representatives, for not meeting constituents in person while on a break from D.C.

Counter demonstrators showed up, including members from at least two motorcycle clubs, and they expressed their free speech by drowning out some of the speakers with revving engines. There was also a report of a sign being destroyed and a copy of a speech torn in two.

The Walla Walla Police Chief said he'd "rather err on the side of allowing expression rather than suppressing it."

It has become clear the situation could have been handled differently as police officers were on location throughout the protest and subsequent march to a nearby park and did nothing.

There is agreement that the bikers' intentional interference is not protected as free speech.

Or is it?

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