Oh, where would we be without our friendly neighbors on the road with their library on four wheels. They're great for making our rest times at the stop lights a little less boring. Heck, I am honestly grateful for someone who has a nice collection of bumper stickers / car decals because it's helped me not fall temptation to grab my phone and start scrolling. So those of you who decide to express themselves with great sayings, mottos and funny pictures... thank you!

Now I will say, if you are the type of person who covers the back of your car with stickers and decals, great, that's awesome. I consider that a novel. Or at least a "Where's Waldo" of stickers, leaving me hunting for a logo or saying I can identify. Just please make sure you can see.

Car with amusing Bumper Stickers

How Did I Collect So Many Decal & Bumper Sticker Pictures?

I've been saving these pictures for the past couple of years. My job had me drive all over central Washington; down to the Tri-Cities and up to Ellensburg and even Seattle on occasion. Whenever I saw an interesting sticker, I had the person riding shotgun snap a pic. If I was on a solo trek, then I channeled my inner stalker and followed the mobile reader board. Don't worry, I never went to their houses, usually just until we were both stopped and safe. I would then get my picture and be on my way. No harm done. So enjoy my collection, maybe you'll see your car. I did cover up the license plate on all the vehicles pictured for identification safety and please note, if you do see your car in these pictures. I was greatly amused, and loved the decal / sticker. None of these are meant to shame, just meant to bring a smile.

22 Bumper Stickers & Decals From Around Central Washington

Traveling all around Washington state, I've passed many mobile libraries aka bumper stickers & decals. Here is a photo gallery of the more notable road ready reading material from around central Washington


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