A new Washington state law prohibits open containers of marijuana (similar to open containers of alcohol) starting Sept. 26. I think this is a good idea. What if a child or a dog got into it? Or maybe someone allergic to THC walks up and decides to steal whatever is in your car. They eat the pot or smoke it, then they are dead. I can see this happening, maybe. Our lawmakers are always thinking of fantastic ways to make sure we are on our toes -- on not just with this new pot law. Seat belts, for example, are another great idea. They prevent people from getting thrown out of a vehicle or smashed into a window. Don't drink and drive or smoke pot and drive. Good laws that prevent many accidents.

My pot -smoking (and eating) friends would never leave a weed container open. If nothing else, it would dry it out.

But thank you, Washington lawmakers, for spending time developing this much-needed law.