Just when you thought it was safe to go back to school. Life is finally turning back to normal. You get to go back, see your friends, enjoy recess, learn your letters and numbers. Then you hear a "squawk" sound over the school's loud system. You're expecting an announcement from the principal. Maybe even notice about an assembly or school lunch. Or worse, maybe you have to go to the office... or even worse... A TIME TRAVELING DEMON HAS COME TO YOUR SCHOOL AND PLANS TO KILL ALL OF YOU! Well, that's pretty much what happened to a Washington state school!

As heard on Todd & Timmy's "Daily Dose of WTF", Woodland Elementary school had a special announcement during their school day. Over the school systems intercoms came a disturbing voice that promised doom!

"This is a humoctopus. I am speaking to you from the future. Run for your lives, wretched humans. I will smash you all." - Humoctopus


It was so unnerving that the school immediately went into a lockdown, with the children in grades Kindergarten through 4th, hiding under their desks and living with this brand new nightmare fuel! Was it a prankster? Did someone break into the school's office and grab the microphone? Well, it's even weirder than that. Apparently, this is a test recording sound message that was programmed into the school's P.A. system.

The school, immediately issued a statement to the parents, explaining and apologizing for the situation, and assured the students that "Humoctopus" was not coming to harm them & that they were safe.

This does not seem to be an isolated incident, after airing this story on Tuesday (3/9), a KATS listener named Chris called in, and said that the same exact message had played here locally. Luckily, it was during the summer break, "It was kinda funny for us too. The school wasn't too happy."

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