Easily the worst part of doing the laundry is folding. Now that washing machines and dryers have become household items, or if people opt to use a laundomat, it's not a huge imposition. Toss a bunch of clothes in the washing machine. When it's done, toss those wet clothes in the dryer. Then comes the tedious part -- the folding. Fortunately at the recent consumer electronics show (CES) our friends at FoldiMate is making that dream of having a folder a reality.

It works kind of like feeding paper into a printer or laminater. You put in your shirt, one at a time, the machine does all the work for you, then even stacks it up nice and neat at the bottom of the machine for you to place in your drawer. So handy!

It's only as big as shirts and maybe pants. Not big enough to put in, like, blankets, but that's fine.

Now if we can only get a machine to pick out socks. Maybe next time.

See the machine in action!

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