With the KATS 2019 Pro Football Pick 'Em contest underway, brought to you by Yakima Steak Co., I'm making my picks with the help of the dark arts! After Weeks 1, 2, & 3 the Magic 8 Ball is SUCKING! - Last year it ended the season with 52% accuracy. So far, not so good. Below is my picks for "Week 4". Make sure you get yours in before time is up!



Now anyone who has ever had the mystical globe of decision in their hands knows that it's pretty much 20 different variations of yes, no or ask later. How I tapped the knowledge of the gods was pretty easy ... I asked if the away team would defeat the home team. And the response was how I chose using the Magic 8 Ball. Keep track with your own bracket and & we can all compare to see who has a better track record, Me and my warlock wizardry or Todd & his pigskin proficiency or you and however you do your 2019 Pro Football Pick 'Em.

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