This year, I learned a very valuable lesson when it comes time to make your picks and try to achieve the improbable task of scoring a perfect bracket! The odds of making a 100% perfect bracket are one in 9.2 quintillion. Needless to say, I need help.

I'm not a sports guy. I don't know teams, and I don't follow stats. But that is what makes this tournament so enjoyable for people like me. Skill can help, but there have been some major upsets in the games, so picking a team is as good as a coin flip.

I've had fun using alternate ways of making my picks in the past. I've used a coin flip since it is a 50/50 choice. I've had my little dog help me decide by throwing two toys, and the one he went to first would be the winning team.


I found that I most enjoyed making my picks by using a Magic 8-Ball. It actually was better than 65% accurate in recent years. I loved joking about conjuring the dark arts when I used it, so I wanted to take the "dark arts" up a notch this year.

I attempted to use a deck of Tarot cards to make my picks. The biggest problem with that is that I've never worked with Tarot cards before, so I had to learn using my brand new official Red Sonja Tarot Deck!

magic 8 ball and red sonja tarot cards

I learned a valuable lesson while making my picks for the Million Dollar Bracket Challenge powered by Yakima Steak Company. That lesson... be mindful of your time!

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I took so much time learning how to use Tarot cards that I missed the window to make my picks by an hour. I have no one to blame but myself... and the government for still making us deal with the hour time change!

On the flip side, by me working for the Radio Station, even if I had the best bracket and beat the odds. I wasn't going to be able to win the sweet prizes anyway. Hopefully, you didn't miss the deadline, and hopefully, YOU will be the one who will win it big!

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