New Year’s Eve! The time that we make goals for ourselves, only to forget or abandon them altogether with in the first two months of the new year. For many people, this involves becoming a better person. Physically, emotionally, mentally. I like to pick a resolution that I know I can succeed at. Usually that deals with gaining more weight, sleeping less, stressing more and quitting smoking. I already don’t smoke, so as long as I don’t spontaneously combust, I should be okay. So here are some resolutions for 2023 that every citizen of Yakima should be able to achieve.

Yakima's New Year's Resolutions #5: Car Tabs

I’m pretty sure that a safe resolution for 2023 is to pay more on car tabs than we want. Didn’t we vote on them to be $30 once upon a time? Now they’re over $80. Not to mention how they want us to donate to the parks (which is a good cause). I just don’t care how the addition is ALREADY added to the total and it seems like every time I’m able to go visit the parks, they’re closed. I’m sure getting my use out of that discover pass. Oh well, moving on.

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Yakima's New Year's Resolutions #4: Return Our Library Books

Now that Yakima Libraries have decided to do away with library overdue fees, we can all have no fear about returning that book that we borrowed back in 1993. Heck, we can check out even more books! (On a serious note, please be kind to our libraries, they are a blessing and we take them for granted).

Yakima's New Year's Resolutions #3: Carpool More

I like this idea because it can help with the environment, and you and your friends can all chip in on gas and car tabs. If only we had carpool lanes in Yakima. Then this dude pictured below would have a reason for the inflatable snowman riding shotgun.

Car with an inflatable Snowman Lawn ornamite in the passenger seat

Yakima's New Year's Resolutions #2: Eat More Hot Pockets!

If you didn’t see the news lately, the headline from KIMA News says it all. "Man in Yakima standoff promises to surrender after eating a Hot Pocket". This happened on Wednesday night (12/28), and has inspired many people to pick back up the “Italian Burrito”.

Yakima's New Year's Resolutions #1: Cheer The Seahawks QB… for a while.

It really amazed me to see how loved Russell Wilson was, until he wasn’t. It seemed he could do no wrong as long as he wore the blue & green, but as soon as he left, it was like the whole village grabbed the pitchforks. I hope that doesn’t happen to Geno Smith. I guess we’ll find out in 2023.

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