Treat Yourself to a Local Meal

If you are getting antsy in your pantsy to be out and about, having our restaurants back open to 25% gives you a lot of options for dining locally for sure. There's a fun way to support local and get ideas on great eats, join Yakima's Cash Mob to see which businesses have been and will be getting mobbed with customers.

Whip Up Some Homemade Goodies

With the cold weather still here making soups and bread is just perfection, I've been trying to test out a new recipe once a week if I can and I will tell you, go for it. Grab those fennel fronds and turn them into a pesto while you add the base to a soup. I ran out of celery and did that last week for my Ginger Acorn Squash soup, BOMB! You can add some bread with little to no effort to go with it. Do you enjoy baking cookies? I've got a delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Wine for the Win

Red Wine and Chocolate was set to take over the Valley last weekend but due to the snow storms they have decided to extend it through this weekend as well. We are blessed to feature many superior wines and figuring out which chocolates, meats, cheese and treats pair best with your favorites is a fun way to cut loose this weekend. Google wineries in the area and you'll be blown away with your options.

Road Warriors

Fill up the tank, grab your comfiest outfit and check-out some of the most beautiful places that Washington State has to offer. Capture winter with your camera and create a tradition of exploration for the little and big kids. Please pay attention to the weather and careful on those snowy backroads at the moment.

Get Your Garden Going

There are so many options for growing things in the area, indoor and outdoor. If you plan on eating an avocado, have you ever attempted to grow a tree? A few weeks ago, Mom and I traveled to Adeline's Peonies in Toppenish to pick-up some peonies roots then planted them around the outside of the house. This could be the perfect weekend to purchase some planters or that chicken coop you've been eyeing. Fresh eggs right from your yard, sounds pretty wonderful to me.

The Big Chill

No shame in relaxation so if laying in bed or the couch this weekend and binging is your thing, we have a pretty sweet digital movie vault that you could message us with your request and first come first serve, grab yourself a film to download and watch within 10 minutes of receiving. Boom!

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Alpaca Tours

I wasn't aware there's two alpaca farms in Prosser and with an appointment you could hang out with the cutest animals. That's the type of adventure that the kids will remember forever. Visit Sage Bluff Alpacas Farm Tour or Pacapoo Alpacas Farm Tours

If you have other ideas you'd like to add @sarahjthedj or message us

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