If you do not know the history behind Weezer covering Toto's 1982's hit "Africa", it is kind of amusing. Long story short, a 14-year old teenager from Cleveland, named Mary, set up a twitter account @WeezerAfrica, bugged the band until drummer Patrick Wilson took noticed and was amused by her efforts. The band covered the song, which then led to Weezer and Toto helping each other out on the song in concerts, and even prompted Toto to learn and perform in concert a cover of Weezer's "Hash Pipe" (see below). But if all that isn't awesome enough, the Africa situation got a little weird with "Weird Al" taking the stage and helping out Weezer wrap up the song! Check the video out above! Weezer, "Weird Al", a Nirvana shirt & Toto... my day is pretty much complete now.

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