Have you recently received a package in the mail from China labeled "jewelry" or some such? Don't open it! The Washington State Department of Agriculture is warning of "mystery seeds" being sent to residents unsolicited!

I first saw this story posted yesterday (July 28) on the Yakima Herald-Republic's website and had to investigate further.
Good heavens! What next?!?!

Earlier this year there was an outbreak of bedbugs at the radio station. Then the movie version of "Cats" was released. Of course, the whole world was turned upside-down by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and we're still wondering when the "murder" hornets are going to arrive. A couple of weeks ago I had my bank account completely drained by somebody that had stolen my identity and another person tried to open an unemployment claim under my name when the stimulus checks began to get distributed. Sheesh! Now I have to worry about getting mysterious seeds sent to me in the U.S. mail?!?!

Apparently, people in ALL 50 states have reported receiving these seeds as well as folks inn other countries. It is being advised not to plant or even open the packets. If you get any of them, you should double bag them and simply throw them in the trash.

*UPDATE* (8/3): After investigating, the seeds were identified as 14 different species, including mustard, cabbage, morning glory and some herbs.

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