We, here in the Northwest, know our beer. From lagers to stouts and all point in between, there are no lack of options at your brewery or local stores. I'm kind of an IPA guys myself being from Yakima, land of 75% of the hops used in the United States, but there's even a variety of those with terms like hazy, juicy and even double or triple coming into play regularly. The most recent term had me scratching my head. Milkshake. Milkshake IPA. What is a milkshake IPA? Well, I had to find out.

To put simple, they're often a fruitier, creamier style of IPA. Not as bitter or 'earthy' as some IPAs. Often packed with vanilla and other fruit, though you may not taste it up front. It's always all about personal preference.

It's a sub-branch of the New England-style IPA (NEIPA) for that hazy, smooth, creamy style.

From John Cope at Varietal Beer Company out of Sunnyside.

In this state you might not see these beers advertised as Milkshake IPAs (we don't call PYS one if we can get away with it) as most of the Seattle area considers the style to be boring. We're just dipping our toes into it based on what we've enjoyed from Skookum Brewery in Arlington, Whistle Punk in Spokane & some great fruited IPAs from Trap Door in Vancouver.

There are some locally breweries in the Yakima Valley that have or have had milkshake IPAs on the menu including Varietal's 'Peach Yo'self' IPA (photoed).

Might be worth a try next time you see them available. They're my new favorite thing until the next thing comes out.

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