A couple of weeks before Christmas, my 8-year-old daughter, Willow, asked me, "Mom, what is a VSCO girl?"

Silly me, I thought she had said "Disco Girl."

I told her a Disco Girl is a girl who likes to dance at disco parties. Then I explained to her what disco is. I thought about mentioning that song by Rick Dees, "Disco Duck," but I decided not to because I didn't want to play the song for her and then have it get stuck in my head for the next several hours.

Later that week, a post popped up in my Facebook feed from one of the mom groups I'm in, and the question was, "Does anybody know what a VSCO girl is?"

That brought out several comments from other moms to explain their lack of knowledge of what a VSCO girl is, and why all of a sudden our kids (mostly daughters) were talking about it. Scroll below to see some of the comments I liked.)

It turns out that a VSCO Girl is someone who uses the VSCO phone app to take pictures of herself. A VSCO Girl talks about saving the planet -- specifically saving the turtles. She prefers ditching plastic straws in lieu of drinking out of reusable metal straws, and she wears several hair scrunchies on her wrist. A VSCO Girl says certain phrases a lot, including "sksksksksk" or "And I Ooop!"

VSCO Girls have a particular dress code as well. They love to wear Vans, Crocs and Birkenstocks. Tube tops and jean shorts are a must and other accessories include pooka shell necklaces and band T-shirts, and most importantly, every authentic VSCO girls must have a hydro flask!

Kelli: All I can say is that VSCO girls have upped their water intake by 1000%. #winning

Serene: A VSCO girl is a better hydrated version of you 20 years ago.

Viktoria: LOL. Google search was required for me after my 8-year-old kept mentioning it. At first, I kept hearing it as "Disco" girl. Hahaha.

Jami: I had to look it up and pretty much came to the conclusion, it's a modern-day valley girl. You're welcome.

Janina: So they're 90s girls all over again.

Lindsey: A VSCO Girl is Tik Tok girls and YouTube girls and they make awful, annoying noises and talk like what we would have called Valley Girls. That's what I've figured out so far anyway.

LMAO Mommy: I am "What the h*ll is a VSCO girl" years old.

Now it makes sense why my child was asking me what is a DISCO GIRL! If you start to hear people talking about VSCO girls, you can answer them back with the knowledge of a pro!

VSCO girls and boys are basically everybody on "Saved by the Bell:" but with hydro flasks!

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