It’s International Beer Day! Like you need a reason to drink the brew.

Here in Yakima, we know our brews and will celebrate accordingly.

I am not a big fan of imported beer. I am on a big IPA kick right now, so I will celebrate the day with one as they are a superior brew.

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This morning we talked about one of the most ironic beers on International Beer Day – Sam Adams Beer.

Named after Samuel Adams who was an American statesman, political philosopher, Governor of Massachusetts and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

In fact, his nickname was “The Father of the American Revolution”.

So it is more than ironic when we discovered that Sam Adams Beer, proudly named after an American founding father, is brewed with the inferior and second rate German hops.

I kid. They are “aight”.


Sam Adams hops are grown in Hallertau, a region of Bavaria in Germany. It is the single largest hop-growing region of Europe. It is basically the Yakima of the European continent. So, we could be sister cities. Someone on the Yakima City Council should look into this as way of connecting as a “sister city”. It’s a good excuse as any.

28th Annual Nightclub & Bar Convention And Trade Show - Day 1
Sam Adams Founder Jim Koch

Sam Adams founder Jim Koch has the unique distinction of one of only two Americans ever named ‘Chevalier of the Order of the Hop’, a medieval guild of hop growers and merchants. On International Beer Day, that title is bragging rights. Truly a badge of honor. And yes, very ironic.

Photo by Michele Mathews

So whether you choose Domestic Imported, IPA, Hazy, Pilsner or Stout, raise a stein/glass /cold one and celebrate accordingly on International Beer Day!


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