I know, you're thinking, "Wait... I thought National Beer Day was on April 7th! What did I celebrate?" Well, don't worry, you were not wrong, you did celebrate National Beer Day. Hopefully you did it well, and safe. Today it's the day to celebrate the people who celebrated National Beer Day... NATIONAL BEER LOVERS DAY! Yup, on September 7th, we celebrate the people who celebrate beer!

Why do we celebrate National Beer Lovers Day?

Why not!?!? The act of brewing beer is so old, in fact it dates back to ancient times. Beer is world wide, every corner, every cultures, has all taken part in one form of another in the drink we're celebrating the love of today. We celebrate the brewmasters, they are the ones who take years of training, masterful skills, and make the beverages we love, with a fine art, that is always changing and improving. This day is for you!

How can we celebrate National Beer Lovers Day?

You can start off with singing "99 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall". If you are really hard core with celebrating today, you can keep up with the song. Other ways you can celebrate... drink beer, go on a crawl, tour a beer museum, go shopping, for beer. Pour one out for your homie. If they are not gone, then when you pour one, make sure it's in a pitcher or stein. Otherwise, if you want to celebrate, just celebrate how you would celebrate on April 7th, by celebrating beer! If I'm using the word celebrate too much, sorry, I started celebrating early. CELEBRATE! Heck, if, your super inventive, you can create your own Beer Pillow! How ever you decide to celebrate... Cheers!


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