Inquiring Washington state minds like me all wanna know the answer to that $1,400 question: WHEN are we getting that next stimulus check?!


The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 made some major progress this past weekend after the House of Representatives passed the bill granting $1400 checks to the eligibles: qualified individuals who earned less than $80,000 in 2019 and qualified married couples who made under $160,000 jointly. Dependents who are adults or enrolled in college will qualify to receive the payment, which hasn't been the case for the prior stimulus checks.

After H.R. 1319 got the go-ahead with a vote of 219-212 on Saturday, the Senate came THRU like a champ with that passage vote of 50-49 on Sunday. Congress said they came to snatch these wigs and pass these stimulus checks!

Since the Senate altered the bill with some amendments, the bill has to go back to the House for a final vote. Will the ARPA of 2021 get the final approval? All signs point to "YASSS!", according to my Magic 8 Ball.


Once the YEA votes out-vote the NAYS, the bill will head to President Biden's desk to be signed into law. Not only will those four-digit checks start rolling into people's bank accounts, but some other positive benefits will also drop:

IRS will raise the Child Tax Credit. The House will figure out the final amount, but it's a safe bet to say that the credit will likely be close to $3,000 per child. This covers dependents ages 17 and under.

Emergency funding for rent, that house note, power bill, and some other utilities.
Funding for businesses to pay their bills, and this time it will include help for "live" music venues and restaurants.
Guaranteed weekly payments of a certain amount given to those who are currently receiving unemployment benefits. It will more than likely be a figure close to $300 a week.

There is a whole lot more in the bill so read up on it here.

Answering the question of WHEN we're getting that money: As soon as President Biden signs the bill, which could be within the next two weeks, if the House passes the bill on Tuesday, March 9th!


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