If you're anything like me, one of life's little frustrations is trying to figure out what day the trash will be picked up following a holiday.

Without fail, no matter if it's Independence Day or Arbor Day, my wife and I will always quizzically ask each other if the trash will be picked-up on our normal day or the day after. Invariably, we end up leaving it out for days. What with Christmas coming and tons more garbage than a normal week (boxes, paper, etc.) you DEFINITELY do not want to not have your trash cans out on the correct day!

To help those of you that live in the Yakima city limits, we have a few tidbits of information regarding garbage pick-up, the bus schedule, etc. as we creep up on both Christmas and New Year's Day."

In a press release from the City of Yakima, it was stated that "non-emergency services will be closed Friday, December 25th and Friday, January 1st for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

Yakima Transit will not provide bus service on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Regular bus service will resume on Saturday, December 26th and January 2nd.

There will be no City of Yakima garbage pick-up service on either holiday. Garbage originally scheduled for pick-up on Friday by the City’s Refuse Division will instead be postponed by one day to Saturday. Residents are asked to have their carts set out by 6:00 am for refuse pick-up."

For your convenience, I've attached this handy-dandy phone directory for Yakima citizens that have any questions or concerns relating to services the city provides, refuse collection or otherwise.


Hope that helps!
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