So there is a game called Portal Bridge Constructor that I am currently obsessed with. Yes, in my down time I enjoy kicking back with video games. I'm not a traditional gamer, because I enjoy the games that don't give me much of a challenge. I usually play games meant for kids like the LEGO series. Some of my favorites do include the Mass Effect, Mortal Kombat & Batman Arkham series of games. And then there's a game that really tests my brain power ... PORTAL! The latest in the Portal series is a mashup of the classic Bridge Constructor game. By playing this game, I have learned a valuable lesson: It's good that I did not pursue a career in architecture. Below is the YouTube video of how the third to the last level is properly made!

Now below is how I did this same level. To my credit, I completely avoid the green portal and with help from my friend Eugene, I catch some wicked air time!

This just goes to show, it's better that I talk on the radio instead of build stuff.


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