Yes, summer isn't technically over until the September 23rd, but thinking of what's to come has me worried. I still get chills when I think about what we had to deal with this past February. So I decided to take a look into the Farmers' Almanac. It's been predicting long range weather for more than 200 years, and does seem to have a better than average score when it comes to the winter months. So what can we expect in 2019-2020?

For a majority of the U.S. it does look to be a "Polar Coaster" with frigid temps bobbing up and down, but for us in our corner of the country, it looks to be fairly normal. The colder conditions look to start happening at the end of January into February and much like this past year, expect a slow start to spring. So it looks like on the plus side, I may get to mow my yard on Christmas Eve again, but many of the snowy holiday songs will need to be redone for Valentine's Day.

Of course, as we get closer, the information will get more accurate. The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration's winter outlook will be released in October, so with both those sources, we should get a pretty good view of what we are going to be in for.

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