Last night, while enjoying the final episode of the Seattle Mariners "Dorktown" documentary, my phone buzzed with a Facebook alert that said "Jason White tagged you in a post".
Jason represents District #2 on the Yakima City Council so I was obviously curious.
When I clicked the link my mouth fell agape when I read that he called us (94.5 KATS) out on a post I published on the station's website regarding the City of Yakima's press release reminding citizens of the No-Cruising Ordinance.

He even took a jab at me saying I had gone from a "wildman" to a "mildman". I tried to engage him online (see: full thread below) before finally deciding to message him privately.

We exchanged our phone numbers and continued our tête-à-tête via text message.
Eventually, I invited him to come onto the show Friday (May 15) morning to explain why he felt compelled to do that and also give him an opportunity to explain his stance on the issue. Due to the current Stay Home Order, the studios and offices here at the radio station are closed so we agreed to conduct the interview over the phone.

During the call, Jason explained why he thought we were being weak and why he is against the ban. He even took a moment to call out a former Yakima City Councilman and my current co-worker Dave Ettl who hosts "The Morning News" on our sister station NewsTalk 1280-AM KIT.

I, ultimately, gave my personal opinion on the ban, COVID-19 or no COVID-19.

Below is the entire call in unedited form.

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