I belong to a Zoom group and we get together every Friday night. Our friend, J, shared with us that another Yakima business is shutting its doors due to the coronavirus-affected sales.

The bad news is the local cafe, Yakima Coffee Company (3706 Tieton Dr, Yakima), announced its closure due to one of the owners contracting COVID-19.

They originally closed down in April of 2020 because of the initial pandemic shutdown. Owner, Tony, spoke at length about his wife coming down with covid symptoms and how he "values people over profits".

"Thank you Yakima for your support, we will see you again on January 1st, 2021. Stay safe and have a Merry Christmas," read the caption on Tony's nearly 6-minute Facebook video.

The good news is that Tony's wife is getting so much better with her health and as expressed in the video, the Yakima Coffee Company will be reopening in January 2021.

I have not had the chance to be a customer of this business, but I definitely support their efforts to keep the community safe. I am sorry the owner's wife came down with Covid but am happy she will be okay. I hope this business and all of our others will not have to shut down their doors again because of the pandemic! I worry every day about you and me staying safe, happy, and healthy in our little neck of the woods!

As Tony reminds us in his video, this is an important time to get out there and support our local Mom & Pop businesses (no shade to the big chains though, we love y'all too).

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