Fans of a wet, snowy winter will be excited to hear we're probably in for a repeat of last winter's wonderland of snow that lasted for weeks.

This week, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), reported there is an increasing chance of what is called La Niña during the Northern Hemisphere this fall.

NOAA said a majority of the model predictions favor the formation of La Niña. Forecasters favor these predictions in part because of the recent cooling of surface and sub-surface temperature anomalies, and also because of the higher degree of forecast skill at this time of year.

In summary, there is an increasing chance it will continue through the three following months of winter as well.

It also means some scary trips over the pass for Seahawks games this season.

Keep that in mind now as the mild temperatures have already arrived.

I would invest in a good set of non-studded traction tires. Without the studs they are safer around town, quieter than the studded tires and you can find some rated for 50,000 miles. That means you can rotate them every 3,000 and use them more than one season. Which, you'll want to do since that'll run you around $1,200 if you plan ahead.

Wait until the last minute and you can end up paying another $20 per tire in shipping charges during the rush of the first forecast snow.

Never mind you may want to spend another $85 and get an alignment to protect your investment.

So plan ahead, save yourself some time and grief and money later. There is nothing like the peace of mind of having traction tires and all-wheel drive during a year where you see rain, sleet, ice and snow just to go work some days.

How many times did last year's La Niña winter have us driving to work at 25 mph? More than I wish to remember.

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