Cruise The Ave Is BACK in the Yak! DATES ANNOUNCED

Cruise the Ave in Yakima is back: 2022 dates
Photo by Robert Linder on Unsplash

I grew up in Tennessee and one of the fun memories I have is cruising up and down Broadway Ave in Nashville. It was every Friday night from sundown until about 9 or 10 p.m. Somewhere in my early 20s, I outgrew riding along with my friends in their new rides but I still have nostalgia about those days. Years later when I moved to Yakima, I remember how much the townsfolk loved to cruise up and down Yakima Ave, just like we did in my hometown.

Collector Cars
Photo by Daniel Salcius on Unsplash

In Yakima, cruising downtown appeals to people of all ages, which is something I found quaint and adorable. I recall the uproar when the Cruise the Ave nights were modified and regulated. You talk about seeing people turn red and get ticked the heck off, this subject was it! That is why you'll see a ton of cars parked in the Jack in the Box parking lot on 40th Ave on the weekends, those kids needed a place to hang out and show off their collector cars.

I saw online that the City of Yakima is welcoming in the return of car cruising with Cruise the Ave for 2022, and otkst media on Instagram just announced the dates. On each specified Friday night on Yakima Ave, beginning at 6 p.m., cars can start cruising the Ave, and spectators can whip out their lawn chairs along the road and have tailgating parties to watch the cars roll by.

Cruising the Car
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Please note that there's a warning of impounding or giving a ticket to any cars, trucks, or other vehicles that are found to be "cruising" on Yakima Avenue on dates not pre-approved by the city. Basically, if it's not an official "Cruise the Ave" night, don't be out here creating traffic hazards on a Friday night, y'all!

JUNE 2022

June 11

June 18

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JULY 2022

July 9

July 16


August 13

August 20

Cruise Night on Yakima Avenue
TSM/Brian Teegarden


September 10

September 17

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