I have a family member who hates the former president with a passion. Recently, I was wearing a baseball hat with the DC Comics superhero, The Flash, and his logo. The hat itself is red, and my family member, not seeing the front of it, started on a political rant, griping at me about my hat and demanded I take it off. When I turned to her and asked what she had against the "fastest man alive," she backed off. I then jokingly said (and honestly meant) that she was letting that former president live rent-free in her head and that her blood pressure would skyrocket! Now for the record, I didn't hate or like him, but I do know I've never been that ticked off so fast and so easily. I think it's safe to say, that my particular family member has an irrational anger towards ANY RED HAT! Especially this many years since the election.

Now there are a couple of lists of little things that make people "irrationally angry" floating around on the internet. Things like when the motion sensor on a paper towel rack doesn't work, people who speed up when you signal a lane change, or people who don't pick up after their dogs. Little things that make us mad! Other popular things on these lists are line cutters and people who CALL instead of text… HOW DARE THEY!

What Makes Yakima Irrationally Angry?

I posed this question to our listeners and was blown away by the response! With over 140 comments, it seems like there is no shortage of things to upset people!


The top comments that people agreed on were terrible drivers (in all forms), politics, and laziness. Other topics that make people angry (understandably) deal with mistreatment and abuse.

Some of the more humorous takes on what makes Yakima Irrationally Angry were: people, polyester, ranch vs. blue cheese dipping sauce, crocs, and man buns.

People calling "Hawaiian Pizza" Hawaiian. NO! Just because you slap pineapple on it doesn't make it Hawaiian. "Hawaiian Pizza" was invented in Canada using Canadian Bacon, so it is, therefore, CANADIAN PIZZA!
– John Elyea

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What makes you irrationally angry? If you tend to get angry way too easy, you might want to reach out to a professional and talk about it. As far as our topic, what do you want to add? Tap the App and let us know!

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