Burnout is a problem in any job, especially when dealing with the same routine day in and day out. For a while, I worked multiple jobs and did not get a day off all to myself for almost 2 years. I was fortunate that each job was drastically different from the others, and it felt like a rest. Most people aren't afforded that opportunity, and the burnout is real!

In the busy working world that we live in, being so connected at all times, even if you call in sick or take a personal day, some employers may expect you to work in some capacity.

"Oh, you're running a fever? Well, you have your laptop with you. Just go ahead and finish that report in your pajamas!"
- Former Boss

All that pressure from deadlines, projects piling up, and co-workers not carrying their weight adds up, and the continued stress (not to mention poor habits many of us keep) will beat us up, and we now have a good idea when the breaking point will happen.


According to Google, the middle of the year (non-leap year) lands on July 2nd, and a new survey from SoftwareConnect.com shows that Washington's workforce won't even make it to the halfway mark before burnout hits!

"Manifesting as extreme exhaustion, a growing resentment toward one's job, and a marked drop in performance, these symptoms herald the onset of burnout - a state that straddles the line between stress and a depression borne of overwork."
- SoftwareConnect.com

Whether you're a boss and want to plan ahead or an employee trying to schedule their mental breakdown time, mark your calendars for June 22nd, 2024.


SoftwareConnect.com surveyed over 3,000 workers to attempt to pinpoint the breaking point. The findings show that most employees are done by July 1st (183 days). In the legal profession, burnout happens sooner (by June 10th), whereas professionals in the energy industry last the longest (July 18th).


Compared to the rest of the United States, Washingtonians burn out a little sooner. States like Delaware hang it up in March, and overachievers in New Mexico finally burn out in October. So, for us to make it to June, I'm okay with that.

For SoftwareConnect.com's full study and interactive map, click here, and remember, take care of yourself. No one else will!

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