This is truly our dream house. Judging by the wallpaper, carpet, and fixtures, it might have been more of an acid trip dream house than a pleasant fantasy dream house, but it was still our dream house, and over the past 11 years, we’ve slowly changed and modernized.

The house was built in the ’70s (1976, to be exact). My wife and I bought and moved in one week after we married 11 years ago this past March, and slowly updating it.

First was dealing with the orange wallpaper and psychedelic and shag carpet. Then, a master bathroom overhaul. Now, the time has come for the final renovation of our kitchen.

It had ugly, yellow, Jondis-looking countertops. We loved the cupboards and cabinets. The color wasn’t bad; it was natural, strong wood.

They were built in the 70s and are still in great shape and sturdy, so we didn’t want to touch them, but something needed to be done with the countertops.

My friend Eugene had done a similar project at his house in Zillah.

before middle and after renovations on a kitchen sink.
tsm/Timmy! - Canva

Luckily for me, he did the leg work and found the best, and judging by the work done to his place and now the work done to my place, it is amazing!

My wife and I visited Italstone Marble & Granite and met with Gjeno and his son Andrew.

We asked many questions about the differences between Marble, Quartz, and Granite, looked at their huge selection, and took some tiles home to compare.

kitchen counter top tile.

We decided that the “Sublime” quartz was the best fit for us and returned with rough kitchen measurements.

We received an estimate on the spot and got the ball rolling!

The day after, Italstone came out and did official measurements, and the following Monday, my new countertops were installed.

Within a week from start to finish the final project of my house, the kitchen was brought from the 70s into the NOW!

RossCo Plumbing came out to disconnect and re-plumb my sink, going from a double to a single washtub.


They also installed the new faucet. The sink itself came from Italstone, but the new faucet and oven were purchased from Lowe’s.

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I love the look of the new countertops, my wife is thrilled, and the process was incredibly easy.

Check out the photo gallery below of the before and after pictures, as well as some of the process.

Yakima Kitchen Brought From The 1970s to 2024!

Check out the renovation process of this kitchen. Once the measuring was complete, Italstone Marble & Granite got to work! 5 days after the measuring, the new kitchen countertops were installed, and all the work was finished in half a day!

Gallery Credit: tsm/Timmy!

A massive thank you to Italstone Marble & Granite and RossCo Plumbing and everyone else (friends & family) who helped out with this project.

We plan to save up and re-finish the cupboards next! Stay tuned!


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