It's National Celebrate your wife day in America, so let's celebrate the special ladies in our life with these three places in Yakima. Whether they love flowers, dancing, food, or all of the above we have the perfect list.

Remember, that special someone in your life is there because they love you, they do things every day to show you they love you, so celebrate that with them. Show them how much you appreciate and love them as well with any of these three places. The smallest things make the biggest memories.

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3.) Buy them Flowers

Flowers are the true language of love, whether you're going with the classic roses or romantic lilies, you can get any of these or way more by checking out your local shop. Our go-to is Abbeys Floral in Selah!

2.) Hit the Dance Floor

Sometimes the best way to show someone you love them is by taking them out for a night of dancing. It's intimate, one on one, and a great way to show someone how far you're willing to go to make them happy. There are plenty of great places to go dancing in Yakima, Bills Place, Club 48, and a whole lot more check out the list in the link below!

5 Places to go Dancing in Yakima 

1.) Make Reservations for a nice Restaurant 

Yakima is known for its production of hops, beer, wine, and produce, but we should be known for our amazing restaurants as well. If you're looking for great food and drinks then look no further, our top three choices for you are.

3.) Cowichie Canyon Kitchen

2.) WaterFire

1.) Provisions Yakima

All of these Restaurants are some of the best Yakima has to offer, granted if you and your wife have a special place you like to go we always say to go with what ya know!


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