This past weekend brought a heck of a lot of comedy to the stages of The Capitol Theatre, and Yakima was there in droves to help support the comedic arts!

Jason Davis

Rodney Carrington rocked the main Capitol stage Friday night, performing to a packed house. Bringing his breed of raunchy, blue-collar, musical comedy, he did not fail in the laugh department. His hourlong set showed more of his story-driven comedy this time around than he has done in the past. He did do some of his classics, "Show Them To Me" & "Titties & Beer" just to name a few. But he also talked about recent events in his life, like how his divorce really affected him and how he just let himself go to the point that Ron White was worried for him. He mentioned his previous shows in Yakima and wrapped up the night by getting many in the audience (mostly men) to drink, have fun and FLASH!

Leann Jones

Saturday night saw Yakima's born-and-bred Comedy Improv Troupe, Manic Thunder grace the stage of Capitol's 4th Street Theatre. The great and sad thing about this group's shows is that nothing is ever repeated. That's great, because every show is brand new, but also sad because if you missed it, you will never see it again. If you were one of the many who graced and helped participate in Manic Thunder's two-hour show, then you got to see Bill Nye, Nacho Libre, & Stevie Wonder on the dating game. A family gathering where Pops taught the youngin's how to "brick hunt," which involves using bricks rather than bullets. A NASA boo-boo, and what Victoria's Secret really is!

If you're kicking yourself for missing the laugh riots that happened this past weekend, don't worry. Rodney Carrington is slated to be back in the Northwest come early August, and the next time you can catch Manic Thunder will be at the 4th Street Theatre on July 28.