Local filmmaker Ric Brunstetter has released a sneak preview of a project he is working on about the paranormal.


The movie is titled "Recrudescence" and is the latest from RBIII Studios. The picture is described in the preview as follows:
"Are they really out there?
How do they communicate with us?
Has anyone really seen them?
For two people, one is about to experience the recrudescence of the unknown...
Enjoy this first look at Recrudescence!
A suspenseful short film exploring one of the many great mysteries.

Timmy and I recently had a conversation with Ric via Facebook Messenger where he told us what he was up to:
"Hey there Todd & Timmy! It's been quite awhile now since last I reached out to you two, but I'm changing that now that things have calmed down somewhat. 2020 has been... brutal, to say the least. But I'm finally getting back on track. Remember my alien short film you both vocally cameo in? I'm close to completing it at last, and I'm putting together sneak previews to get the hype going. That said, this one I'm sharing to you both, I think you'll want to see how this one turned out!"
He went on to say, "And this is just the tip of the iceberg, it gets even more intense during the rest of the short. Looks like people have been liking what they've seen so far! I'm hoping the rest of it holds up for everybody, especially since it does get a bit freakier!"

In the trailer, Ric employed the voices of me and Timmy to play the roles of a late-night radio show host (quite the stretch for me!) and a paranoid caller.

Previously, I was able to cross-off a "Bucket List" item when Ric let me voice a Stormtrooper in his love letter to Star Wars called, "Rogue Jedi: A Star Wars Fan Short Film". Click HERE to watch that short.

In the meantime, here is the sneak peek at "Recrudescence".


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