Earlier this week, I wrote an article about how scammers were calling residents under the guise of Pacific Power. They threatened to cancel service if the payment wasn't received within a half hour. Well, that particular scam led to info about another one—this time dealing with a phone carrier company. The scammers are getting crafty and are becoming better con artists when gaining their victim's trust.

Commenting on WTF Just happened in Yakima? Facebook group, Jennifer Wagner wrote about her experience with a scammer claiming to be from Verizon:

"It happened to me, but it was Verizon saying I hadn't paid my bill and service was being shut off. Somehow they knew EXACTLY how much my bill was that month so I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Now, in my defense, I was home with a very sick toddler with RSV, and I thought I'd remembered already paying the bill but knew with my exhausted mom brain and everything going on that it was possible I forgot."

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Scammers know we're busy and rely on our trust in the system they claim to represent! Jennifer asked about making a deal, which the scammer agreed to.

"I asked if I could pay half since I had already missed an entire week of work due to not being able to take my kiddo to daycare, and money was tight that week. He said sure and then added my information from my card to his apple wallet and tricked me into sending him a code that supposedly HE sent to my email."


According to Jennifer, the code that was used came from her bank, helping the scam go forward. On Thanksgiving of all days. The scammer continued to play the part even by wishing her a "Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope your son feels better."


Jennifer realized her mistake immediately after hanging up, but the headache and worry it created didn't help with her exhaustion or worry.

"I had to call and cancel that card and change passwords, etc. I thought I was pretty savvy and hadn't been conned before, but I didn't notice it was a (509) number that had called, and I didn't read the entire email or check whom it came from before I read him the code."

Scammers are getting more creative and crafty when it comes to conning their victims. Jennifer added to her comments:

"Just be careful, everybody. Don't be half-witted because you're exhausted and just basically hand them your money on a silver platter like I did."


Jennifer is one of many who got scammed. Elizabeth Vannoni posted on the same thread how:

"They got me with cell phone service suspension. $800!"


Be careful; if anyone calls or contacts you saying you owe money, hang up and if you're worried that it might be legit, contact the company directly.

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