Had I known then what I know now! We all should be learning how to speak Spanish. I took two years in high school but taking German in college instead of moving farther along with Spanish was NOT the best idea. Yes, there was a cute boy involved as to why I was so easily swayed but dang, deutsch sprechen (speaking German) is not only a really tough language to learn, it's not one of the most used languages around. Spanish however, will take you places!

Want to learn Spanish for free?

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I took some time to chat with Lainey about a post I had seen from her on social media regarding free Spanish classes and am happy to report, this is offered to anyone interested in learning.

Lainey is a missionary who realized learning another language, especially Spanish, can really open doors so she has recruited a native speaker of the language who has already taught a successful class over in Othello and brought him here!

When and Where?

Every Wednesday and Saturday evening from 7 pm - 8 pm. For the in-person class you'll want to head to, 705 S. 38th Ave Yakima, WA 98902 but if you are wanting to tune in to the live feed, friend the Facebook Page Learn Spanish in Union Gap @LSUGspanish.

All ages can attend and the plan is to continue this service for the next few months so please help spread the word and lets up our language-game with the help of wonderful volunteers!

If you were not aware you can also reach out and follow La Casa Hogar for upcoming Spanish classes as well!

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