Do You Remember Yakima’s Old 'Video Unlimited' Movie Store?

As many people do this time of year, my family has entered into the "spring cleaning" mode early. In doing so, my father passed on my family's old luggage to me. These things are old. They are so old I doubt I'll even donate them to a thrift store.

We bought them in the '90s for a trip to Arkansas (you can't make a joke I haven't already made). Since that vacation in '91, the suitcases have sat in my dad's closet, never moving. No one remembered they were there, and we never got into that closet. And no one ever thought, "Hey, if only we had some black and teal Samsonite luggage to use!"

As I dug through the luggage, looking for money (as you do) and as I found out my dad already did, I stumbled upon many old photos and business cards. As I took my trip down memory lane, one thing stood out among the others. A plastic card for a company called Video Unlimited.


I have no memory of this movie rental store, nor can I find anything about it online. At first, I thought it was a video production company. Kind of like the places that can now take old VHS tapes and put them onto a thumb drive for you. When I asked my dad about it, he didn't have much to say except:


"Oh yeah, we rented a lot from there." - Jeff (Timmy's Dad)


So at least, I can say that it was a video rental place. I assume kind of like Crazy Mike's Video (another video rental place long gone) or the bigger Blockbuster & Hollywood Video. I reached out to a couple of my friends, who I consider to be local historians. The best that one (my friend Lou B.) could give me was the name "Toby Sali." Looking that up, I hit another dead end. The address on the card now belongs to the West Valley Foursquare Church, so besides praying for an answer, I'm not sure what more info I can get out of that address.

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If you have any information, I'd love to know. Shoot me a message on Facebook, email me, or even Tap the App and send me a message through there. I'm curious to learn more about this store or even if the store still exists somewhere. I'd love to travel to a place and try to use the card again just to screw up their scanners!


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