Recently, the Seattle Mariners announced that, following the 2018 season, their partnership with Safeco Insurance for the naming rights of the stadium will not be renewed.

We asked you, and listeners of 1460 ESPN Yakima and readers of, what it should be named, if money were no object. We ran an online-only poll and offered up three of our own fairly logical and obvious choices but allowed for other suggestions and votes to be placed.

The results may surprise you. Then again, if you spend any time on the internet at all, you are abundantly aware of "trolls" who love to see openings such as this.

Here are our unscientific results:


As you can see, the late, great Mariners radio broadcaster Dave Niehaus received the most votes out of the three suggested names while "Other" got the vast majority. Delving further, here were some of the other votes.

Legitimate suggestions:
Mariner Field
Rainier Field
Edgar Martinez Field

Less-Than-Legitimate suggestions:
Savage Love Stadium (or variants thereof)
Stadium McStadiumface (a variant of the following internet classic...)
Boaty McBoatface
Field McField
Home of the Unicorn
Ivar's Clam Stadium
Loser Field
Never-Made-It-To-A-World-Series Stadium
Starbucks Field
Never Starbucks Field
Taxpayer Black Hole Stadium
We Did Not Vote For This Stadium
The S--thole
and lastly,
Toxic Masculinity Thunderdome

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