Since the dawn of man, humans have looked for food, drugs, instruments and more to enhance their sexual performance, increase the size of specific organs and more.

A new study done by researchers at M.I.T. may have stumbled upon the latest and, boy oh boy, is Minnie happy!

Apparently, yougurt is good for putting some zest in your sex life.  According to the researchers, male lab mice that ate yogurt developed five percent heavier testicles.

Normally, I subscribe to the George Carlin philosophy of not eating foods that have both a "y" AND a "g" in them but I may need to rethink that strategy.  Besides bigger balls (cue AC/DC) the scientists also found that yogurt eaters were more eager to mate, produced bigger litters and seemed to have a "swagger" about them.

Note to self:  A.) Buy some yogurt, B.) don't cross any large-nutted rodents with a "swagger"