Zakk Wylde is a guitar deity. He’s also a good sport, as he has agreed to be the roastee for Guitar World’s first-ever Rock ‘n’ Roll Roast. Wylde will sit in the hot seat and be subjected to good-natured barbs from fellow rockers, like his former boss Ozzy Osbourne, as well as Anthrax‘s Scott Ian and Slipknot / Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor.

Wrestlers Chris Jericho, who is the frontman of the band Fozzy, and Stone Cold Steve Austin will also be on hand to roast Wylde, no doubt firing off the verbal equivalent of a piledriver. In addition, comedians Jim Florentine, Brian Posehn and Ed Norton will take aim at Wylde.

The event is being held for a good cause, as well. All proceeds will be donated to MusiCares. The ceremony takes place at The Grove in Anaheim, Calif., on Jan. 19 as part of the opening night of the 2012 NAMM Convention.

Wylde, known for his roaring laugh and self-deprecating sense of humor, said, “How can they roast me? I’m a good Catholic boy.” Oh, Zakk, that won’t save you from the jabs of your peers and comedians on Jan. 19. Godspeed!

Ozzy’s missus Sharon Osbourne will serve as the roastmaster. She commented, “Zakk has always called me his Mom, but I think my boy needs a good kicking.”

Guitar World Editorial Director Brad Tolinski stated, “We’re excited to kick off this new annual event, and who better than Zakk Wylde, to be our first … victim.”

A trailer has been released, featuring Norton ripping Wylde apart with a few vicious jokes. He says,

“The reason that Zakk Wylde has a bullseye on his guitar is so that everyone in the room knows exactly where all that horrible noise is coming from.” Zing. The video cuts to a shot of the burly, beefy Wylde, known for his formidable guitar tone and his imposing stature, with a single tear rolling down his cheek.

Tickets for the event are available with a sizable charitable donation at this location.

Watch the Zakk Wylde Roast Trailer [Warning: Contains Explicit Language]

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