Porn Film Permits Plummet after Passage of Peter Protection Law
Much of the adult film industry (porn!) is located in Southern California.  Thanks to some 'do-gooders' in the legislature who passed a law that required performers to wear condoms when shooting (OK, THAT came out wrong!), the number of applications for permits to film have dropped by…
NJ Transit Bus Driver Accused of Lewd Act While Driving
You just can't make this stuff up, folks. There are a lot of things people do to pass the time while stuck in traffic -- mess with the radio, look at their phones, check their makeup and so on. One bus driver took it to a whole new level, though, by playing with his uh, gear shifter.
Sex Doll Virginity to be Auctioned
In a sleazy underworld full of throbbing perversion, there is a counterculture of sex fiend that exists, which not only wishes to engage in the nipple-biting taboos of the flesh, but they are also willing to drop their life savings trying to obtain such unusual fruits of Babylon – or in this c…

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