Marijuana stores in Yakima County are now offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for two pot store robberies this year. Yakima Police say they're working overtime to prevent another armed robbery of a pot store in Yakima and Union Gap. In the most recent robbery Sunday night 5 suspects burst into the Slowburn marijuana dispensary, 2 armed with guns and stole cash and product. They held customers at gunpoint and fired shots at an ATM and the outside of the building on North 40th Avenue before they left in a vehicle.
KIT News has learned detectives are working closely with officers in the Union Gap Police Department after a similar robbery was reported on January 29 at the Station 420 dispensary. 4 suspects robbed that business with one of the suspects carrying a gun. No shots were fired in that robbery. Police are trying to determine if the two incidents are related.
Authorities are even working with federal officials to help them find those responsible. No arrests have been made. Police are hoping to find and arrest the suspects before another robbery happens that could be even more violent. Authorities are hoping the reward will result in arrests. Anyone with any information is urged to contact the Yakima Police Department at 575-6200, Union Gap Police at 248-0430.

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