Many people are still shocked after learning that a true iconic Yakima institution, Jack-Son's Sports Bar, will be no-more, following this tumultuous COVID-19 pandemic. You know how people are, no-sooner than something like this is announced, everyone and their 2nd cousin twice removed has the 'perfect' idea of what would be GREAT to go into the soon-to-be vacant locale.

From co-workers and friends alike, I've been taking an informal poll and here's the Top 5 recommendations I've heard. A couple of them were no surprise while one or two caused me to take an inventory of just who these co-workers and friends really are.

1. Chick-fil-A

Now, this was surely one of the first one's I expected to hear recommended. Great chicken to be sure. What I'm NOT sure about is how the Jack-Son's location would work for drive-thru - which is a must for this choice. I'm not sold on the idea.

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2. Trader Joes.

Here again, one that I expected. Frankly, this is one that I like, a lot, having lived near one in Seattle a few years back. Plenty of space and a good west-side location to boot. However, not sure there is enough parking here.

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3. Chipotle.

Really? Heck, business must not have been booming for them, as they had a restaurant here and it closed before I had a chance to go in and get an intestinal bug. Not that I wanted one but it's nice to have options. I don't like this idea.

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4. Hooters.

Okay, here's one that I was a bit surprised to have suggested. Look, I'm open-minded but I don't know if Yakima is ready for this. It could just be me and it often is. I've never been to a Hooters and have heard good things about their food. No, seriously, I've heard the food is good. No -- I'm serious, I've never been to Hooters! Stop laughing!!!

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5. A Beer Emporium of Galactic Proportions.

Ever since the BEER SHOPPE closed and broke my, um, some friends hearts, having a place that specializes in take home beer and a friendly 'drink-in' atmosphere would be great. I mean a gigantic selection of beer from all corners of the world. But, this suggestion, from one of my favorite beer-swilling-snob friends - failed to remember that the Yakima Valley has plenty of top-tier breweries and tap rooms now. Bale Breaker, Wandering Hop, Single Hill, Hop Nation....the list goes on.  I think it would be a lot of space to fill for this business model to succeed.

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So, for me, Trader Joe's would be my pick from this list but I want to hear from you. Reach out on our station app and let's come up with a consensus to inspire an entrepreneur who's just waiting for the right opportunity. Haven't downloaded our app? No problem. Just use the button below!

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