With the Pandemic still wreaking havoc with peoples lives, it's good to find a hobby that can help you relax. For some those hobbies can turn a dollar and for others, it's just a great way to escape, while we're locked down. I have many friends who are creative, and many of them are the type that put pen to paper. Usually I see their work pop on my social media feed in October, or as they call it "Inktober". The goal of Inktober is to draw something to help better your craft everyday of the month. Well my friend Jenae Barton, is attempting Inktober on a longer scale!

I've known Jenae since the mid 90's as she's my best friend's little sister. What i did not know was that she had a love of drawing & doodling. A post on her social media says: "So back in 2018 I tried drawing one thing a day . I only got to March 14, 2018 so here I go again!" That first drawing was of Aerial, The Little Mermaid. Since then she's drawn everything from Disney/Marvel characters, random objects & body parts, to a Viking Badger & a Soccer playing Koala bear!

On her 32nd day of art, she was in need of an idea. I have lots of ideas, the problem is, most of them suck. But still I chimed in and she made magic. Some of the goofier suggestions were of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fighting a pizza monster", "Super Mario unplugging a sink", an old Sega CD video game character named "Wild Woody". Then I suggest something that I always wanted to see... a "Literal DJ". Whether it's at the club, or on the radio, you've heard the term DJ. That stands for Disc Jockey. A Jockey is  someone who rides a horse. So a "Disc Jockey" by definition, someone who has a CD crammed up their backside. Welp, she made my joke become art!

Jenae Barton
Jenae Barton

She added on the post of this picture: "Day 35: Here's your DJ idea. Hope it gives you a good laugh like it did me to draw it." It truly does, great job & thank you for making it a Metallica disc! Add a lighting bolt and you have A Disc Jockey Riding Metallica's Ride The Lightening! This is truly awesome! Thank you so much! #NailedIT!

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