Stuart McKenzie and Todd Hamilton have a goal in mind and they are currently on a journey to reach that goal.

Today the two men continue on a walk across Washington State to raise awareness for their Shadow 6 Foundation. They began on Tuesday morning where they left from their home in Kennewick and their journey will take them across Washington State to downtown Seattle. The two military veterans have made it a goal to give back to their fellow veterans by giving them a place to help heal the wounds of war both physically and mentally. To find out more and to follow these two on their current walk visit

They expect to walk between 30-50 miles per day which should put them in Seattle by Tuesday morning.

The Shadow 6 Foundation is raising money to build its "Soldiers Sanctuary". This place will help heal the wounds of war through brotherhood and Espirit De Corps that all soldiers share. We will give our Veterans a chance to learn from eachother, educate themselves, work in a helpful and caring environment, and most importantly support their brothers and sisters.


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