I have a soft spot for Bed, Bath & Beyond, not gonna lie. When my husband and I got married, almost a decade ago, that was the main spot we had on our registry. The dinner plates I fawned over....but never pulled the trigger on were from there. The rolling clothes rack I was about to purchase a few months back...maybe if I would have this wouldn't be happening!

Yakima, Bed, Bath & Beyond in Yakima is closing! They had to shutter 200 stores in 2020 and there were rumors but my Mom just texted me and she loves that place, so I sadly know that it is true!

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Take Advantage Before It's Too Late

If you love a good deal Bed, Bath & Beyond will be holding a closing sale and currently, you can receive discounts anywhere from 20%-40%. Things might change so if you're not part of their mailing list, not a bad idea to take advantage of it.

I don't know if the mailed coupons are good forever but if you keep everything, might as well check!

They have bomb stuff like fancy salt & pepper shakers, bedding obviously, painting and so much more. Start making your list of supplies you need for your home and start making your way there. It was just announced so it shouldn't be too busy just yet, just wait.

So curious what will be going in there next? What do you think?

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