Have you ever gone to a movie high? What about live tweeted the results? Well that's what Rob Sheridan did to the huge box office bomb known as CATS. Why should we care about Rob? Well, he's best known as a graphic designer, art director, photographer, and comic book author & has worked with the band Nine Inch Nails in the past. But you really should care because his psychedelic mushroom induced CATS "jellicle" trip is live tweeted and is hilarious. It all started with his tweet:

Tweet goes on and on, including his history with CATS, to the trailers, a twitter poll about how long he'll last, and oh god the CATS Faces!

"T-minus 30 minutes. Things are getting weird. Not really sure how strong these mushrooms are so I just guessed. My Mom took me to see the touring production of cats when I was a kid and all I remember is I HATED it. How long into the film will I last before I have a panic attack?"

"Trailers playing now. There are five other people in the cinema. Everything is overwhelming already. I am made of gummy. I am Gumby Man. I don’t know if I can do this you guys."

"They’re playing the SONIC THE HEDGEHOG trailer, which I guess is like foreplay?"

"Now they’re playing the DOLITTLE trailer and it’s like, holy fuck guys, chill out with the talking animals, like, I’m not even gonna make it to the movie at this rate"


Rob at some point after freaking out too much, needed a break and tweeting from the bathroom:

"I have made a trrribld mistake"

"I’m in the bathroom. I needed a break. It’s a nightmare. It just keeps going. It’s terrifying nonsense. The people in the theater are clapping after the songs? They are taking this seriously? I feel like I’m undercover in a cult meeting and they’re onto me."

But, our Rob is a trooper! He went back in and did his best while tripping balls to all the catnip!

"Their fucking faces their terrifying faces why is any of this happening I hate this so much"

"Fuck this movie Why is everyone okay with this why is no one screaming"

But eventually, CATS proved to be too much for Rob and his wife had to rescue him... or the other patrons in the theater.

"Steph pulled me out because I was making a scene. We made it an hour 13 minutes. I hated every second of it."

He wrapped up his tweet thread about the musical with:

"Oh cool looks like we started WW3 while I was being tortured by singing cat people time to log off"

In case you were curious, the effects of psilocybin mushrooms are generally similar to those of LSD. They include an altered perception of time and space and intense changes in mood and feeling.

Sonic the Hedgehog

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