Who hear has heard of a 'Dream Stenographer'? Well I know I didn't before today. I was looking for something that you guys would think was funny and would get a laugh out of. well boy, did I find something ha ha. Some guy from Seattle is using Craigslist to find a dream stenographer/lucid dreaming partner. Lucid dreaming is like dreaming will all of your senses, it can be some pretty strange stuff.

The guy wants his dreams recorded because in his dreams he has done some pretty cool stuff like Pulitzer Prize winning novels, bio-engineered the cure for HIV, and brokered a lasting Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement, reverse engineered Bush's Best Beans secret family recipe, composed Grammy winning albums, and won the Nobel Prize for my groundbreaking work on the elusive Higgs-Boson particle, now that sounds like some pretty cool stuff. He is will to pay people to record his dreams but here are a couple catches, a few of them are excellent note taker with unrivaled penmanship, they will be great sleepers who don't snore, fidget excessively, or hog the sheets while in REM sleep.  So if you feel like your qualified and want to sleep in the same bed as this guy looks like you might have yourself a job, remember he is willing to pay $50 regardless of how long the sleep is. You can apply here.

- Eli "the Duke" Chance


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