I just got a brand new iPhone 7 Plus.

I just broke my new iPhone 7 Plus.

Yep, a tale as old as time, I dropped my phone getting out of the car. Actually, I have done this at least a dozen times because the rig I drive to work doesn't have a center console. I tuck the phone under my leg and then forget, get out and it drops to the pavement and I curse loudly.

One of those drops led to my new improved camera on the back of the phone shattering, and it's now useless to me. Which makes it really hard to take pictures of crap for work.

Which of course, work doesn't pay for. I need to whine about that I suppose in my next meeting when the higher-ups ask me what I need.

In the meantime, I need to take my phone to Verizon and find out how good that insurance I bought for the phone really is on repairs or replacements.

I got the insurance that even covers dropping it into the toilet, so hopefully it's going to be an easy thing.

Now if only I had time to go to the Verizon store, which is literally right next to the station. But I haven't managed to visit yet this week.

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