You can tell it's a good "Escape Room" when someone breaks into it, and has to call the cops to get out! That's what happened to Rye Wardlaw when he paid a visit to the Northwest Escape Experience located in Vancouver, Wash., this past Sunday (7/8).

If you don't know what an escape room is, think of the movie "Saw," only less bloody, less deadly and with fewer weird puppets riding on tricycles. According to Fox News, Wardlaw allegedly broke into the escape room, and did so much damage to the business that he couldn't get out -- especially by not knowing how the lock on the front door worked.

Wardlaw reportedly called 911 after he broke the back door and couldn't get out. He told officials he was calling from the escape room due to his own home being burglarized. By doing even more damage, Wardlaw was eventually able to get out, and was outside the business when the police showed up. He's looking at second-degree burglary charges and $40,000 bail.

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