Although everyone knows who Mario is, I didn't think my daughter would want to play as a mustached-wearing plumber so I hacked the game to make it star my daughter instead.

I got into making custom NES games as a hobby about six months ago. I saw other video game hacks of old Nintendo games, but they were mostly to improve graphics to edit the levels. My thought is that if someone can do this, I can, too.

As soon as I learned how I made a few of these. One for myself, a couple for friends of mine and thought it'd be fun to make one staring a girl as females should have more lead roles in video games.

Once I changed the graphics I wanted to change, there is a way to put the game into a Nintendo cart so it plays in any Nintendo system or those new systems that can play retro games (Retrons, ect.).

Not only did I change Mario to Lily, but also made the coins into slices of cake, her sister, Laura, is at the end of each castle, her brother, Jaron, pops up to give a thumbs up at the end of each level and she has to save Mommy from the evil Me, changing Bowser to my likeness.

Here's a small video of what it looks like when you play it. It's not 100% perfect, but it's certainly one-of-a-kind.

What other hacks would you like to see?

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