(Possible spoilers for "Marvel's Avengers: Infinite War") "Antman & The Wasp" rocked the theaters over the weekend, claiming the top spot and bringing in $76 million. Including a little money from me. The events of "Antman & The Wasp" take place at the same time as the events of "Avengers 3," so if you saw "Infinite War," then you have an idea what's gonna happen towards the end of "Antman." Well, afterward as my friend and I were talking about the movie, he made a comment about how Thanos had killed him. What? How did he know if he was spared or not? Luckily the internet answers all. I check a certain website that through science, technology, randomness and nerdy-ism lets you know if you survive the events of "Avengers: Infinite War" ... which some of the stars of "Antman & The Wasp" did not. Luckily, Todd & myself are survivors of the cruel hand of Thanos. You can find out if you survived just by heading over to DidThanosKill.Me

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