So you wake up late for work on Tuesday morning, it was extra tough to crawl out of bed, especially since yesterday was an observed holiday. As you walk to your car you see the garbage can sitting there, waiting to be dragged to the curb, but you say to yourself, "Oh, yesterday was a holiday, so everything is running late by a day, I'll put it out tomorrow!" So you wait, head to work without another worry.

Later on Tuesday night, you're about to go to bed, but you don't want to risk forgetting the garbage again, so you go out and put the garbage can on the curb before you tuck yourself in for the night. You wake up late again Wednesday morning, because in your dream you had to build a house with your ex-landlord because of a bad check written for a cleaning deposit while your your grandfather silently judges you from an unfinished window. In other words, bad dream & you worked harder than you usually do in your waking hours. You go to leave your house, see the garbage can by the curb and smile to yourself. "I am so smart!"

Later on Wednesday evening, you get home from work, go to grab the can from the curb, "oh crap, it's still heavy, well they are doing double duty playing catch up, maybe they just haven't come yet." So you leave it at the curb. You forget all about it, and see it the next morning as you leave for work. As you drive away, you notice none of the other neighbors have their cans out. You start to fear the worst. You missed garbage day. "Noooooo, maybe you didn't pay your garbage bill, and it works kind of like an anti-repo, where you will find more garbage on your property when you come home? Yeah, that it's, there's no way I missed garbage day." Then you come home from work later that night. Garbage is still in the can, at the curb, and worst of all... your significant other is giving you that look. You know the one, the look that shows you that she knows that you screwed up!

Now you know how my week went. This is a long way to say, if you're in doubt about if the garbage will be picked up, you can check the City of Yakima's Refuse Division website. Your significant other may still judge you, but it'll be for something else!


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