You’d think that now, with the copyright of Mickey Mouse and Steam Boat Willie being in the public domain and all the confusion and people trying to make their mark with the mouse (and some failing), the lawyers for Disney would be too busy to notice this. But then again, the House of Mouse has a lot of lawyers!

The Disney-owned film and production company Lucasfilm, according to Reuters, is suing a small car washing business, claiming they plagiarized the Star Wars franchise with their car cleaning service “Star Wash.

I have to admit, this is a pretty cool idea. Getting Star Wars characters to clean your car! Darth Vader keeping the stormtroopers aim with the water hoses on target. Get your bumper buffed by Boba Fett! If only there were a hot-wax option from Leah and the gold bikini. (Maybe in the summer months).

The idea for the car wash came from owner Matias Jara’s daughter during a trip to Disney Land. The law firm representing Matias said that he was in the process of registering the brand with the patent authority when the lawsuit from Lucasfilm to block the brand was received.

The blocking was because Lucasfilm felt it could be confused as being affiliated with them. The suit is being contested, saying how the name is different, and while the production company’s copyright covers toys, furniture, and other physical products, it does not extend to cleaning services.

Since the story started hitting social media, many have sided with the small business, adding Disney should work with them as a type of advertising! Only time will tell. Where do you stand on the issue? Do you think the Force is Strong with Star Wash, or will Darth Mickey crush the soapy rebellion? Tap the App and let us know!

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