Out of all the nerdy fandoms that exist, Doctor Who is one of the very few I know little about. I want to learn more, but I'm the type of person who likes to start at the beginning, and looking at the amount of Doctor Who programming, it is DAUNTING!

My wife and I were talking about this recently because of the survey from Gambling.com, and I asked what she knew about Doctor Who.

"The doctor is a time traveler who rides around in a phone booth like Bill & Ted and has a special screw driver."

I give mad props to my wife for knowing who Bill & Ted is! That's "Excellent!" But to be honest, besides knowing that the "phone booth" is called a "Tardis" and it's much, MUCH bigger on the inside, that's about it. ALL of my Doctor Who knowledge comes from a short parody film with Mr. Bean himself, Rowan Atkinson!

Needless to say, that video is great, but there is still a lot that I need to school myself in if I want to be counted among the Doctor Who fans that made Washington and Oregon the states most pumped for this Guinness World Record holding, British, Sci-fi masterpiece!


In celebration of its 60th Anniversary (on November 23rd), Gambling.com gathered its research team and crunched the numbers to narrow down which states are most excited for the series and are eagerly awaiting the return of the good Doctor. In other words, they figured out which of the 50 states contain the most "Who-ligans". Do they call themselves that? Or is that the rock band The Who's fandom?

After analyzing search data for Doctor Who related inquiries, they were able to score each state. The top 5 were Missouri, Washington, Utah, Minnesota, and Oregon claiming the least likely state to be targeted by Daleks for extermination! (See, I'm learning).


Are you a Doctor Who Fan? Where should someone who is new to the franchise jump in? Is "Who-ligan" the right nickname? Tap the App and let us know!

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